We are a group of young who regularly or occasionally visit diocesan parishes, religious or priestly communities which celebrate the Tridentine Mass. While some of us have discovered this liturgical form as an adult, others have grown up with it or have been converted thanks to it, but we are all attached to it.


We want to build a great group of young Roman Catholics that could defend and promote the traditional mass. Because we believe it will remain the greatest way to promote de faith on earth.

Last News

Quo primum tempore

Remember the promulgation of the Tridentine Liturgy, the 14th of July 1570 From the very first, upon Our elevation to the chief Apostleship, We gladly turned our mind and energies and directed…

Traditionis custodes ? (en)

What we feared happened … In his last apostolic letter, Pope Francis effectively cancels Motu proprio of his holiness Benedict XVI. What will be the exact consequences of this letter? What are the…

Let us be many to defend the traditional mass !

To defend the mass join us !

Juventus Traditionis is an international group created in June 2020 and already established in 9 countries.