Our Call

Youth : Take your Mass, get up and walk !

We, young Catholics having received the Faith through this liturgical form, or having discovered it during our spiritual journey, we want to preserve the grandeur and the beauty of this treasure of the Church. Generations of the faithful and of saints have been united to Christ through this Mass, the fruit of a long tradition and of the Church’s spiritual progress. This liturgy still contributes to the sanctification of thousands of souls around the world today. It is also an instrument of active evangelization in many countries, making it possible to overcome the differences of various cultures to offer everywhere and together the same sacrifice to God which is the Mass, in union with the whole Church.

We want to reaffirm our will to guarantee access for all to the Mass but also to all the sacraments in the extraordinary form.

This is why we strongly invite you to join us to celebrate our love for Tradition and the Church!